13.5 million girls EVERY YEAR

are forced into marriage before the age of 18.

Did you know that 50% of girls in Africa are sexually enslaved, out of school, and grossly enslaved by poverty, HIV and AIDS, and violence.

25 percent of Ugandan teenagers become pregnant by the age of 19. Close to half are married before their 18th birthday. 

Across Africa, girls still face huge challenges with getting a quality education with over 9.5 million girls within sub-Saharan Africa unable to acquire formal classroom education

Education is the BEST way out of vulnerability, poverty, and exclusion for the underprivledged rural girls.

Yet access to secondary education is low in Uganda. Only one-fifth of adolescents are enrolled in secondary school.

A girl without an education is also less likely to send her own children to school, creating a vicious cycle of inequality.

Through The Girl Arise Program (GAP)

We are empowering underprivileged rural girls in Nebbi, Uganda by:

Providing Education Sponsorship

Ensuring more young underpriviledged rural girls are attending and completing school. 80% of our education sponsorship program targets girls.

Engaging in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Education

Educating young girls and boys about their sexuality, understanding their rights, menstrual cycle and hygiene, and the dangers of early pregnancies and STIs.

Providing hands-on and Entrepreneurship Skills

Equipping more rural underprivileged girls with hands-on and entrepreneurial skills for livelihood.