Photo of Herbert O.

Herbert O.

My name is Herbert. I am 16 years old and the firstborn in a family of five . My fun thing to do is playing soccer. When I am not playing soccer, you will find me reading books because I want to maintain excellent performance in my studies. My story, like all others, is unfortunate because my father kicked us out of the only home we knew with our mother many years ago when he decided to marry another wife. That forced my mother to take on all the responsibilities of raising my siblings and me as a single mother. Edu Child Foundation Uganda was an answer to my mother's prayers and to my dreams for a better chance at life. When I am not in school, I am with my mother, helping her with farming and other domestic chores. I am studying hard to become a lawyer one day and build my mother a house. I am very thankful for this opportunity and I trust that by God’s grace, I will achieve my dreams.